Ivan Mayers shamed into retirement!

Ivan Mayers is now retired but not by choice. After being humiliated by PWL in 2010 when his embarrassing family was exposed, Mr. Mayers career went into a downward spiral. He took some time off to travel with his gay lover. When he returned from his travels, he tried to do damage control and created a blog that discussed his career achievements: http://ivanmayers.blogspot.com/. To no avail as Ivan was discriminated against because of who is daughters are as well as his homosexuality. He is now retired, living with his gay lover and travels on gay cruises and meets up with other swinger couples for some “poz on poz action”

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pornstarhookeralert.com is a scam site full of lies from a hooker thats jealous of other better looking hookers that get hired. Her name is Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers that has failed at everything in life.

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pornnewstoday.com is nothing more than lies and more of Monica Foster aka alexandra melody mayers scams.

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How was Monica Foster Concieved

A gay half Primate and Half Neanderthal ejaculated and seeded on a filthy bath room wall.
The rest was up to the flies.

Born was Monica Foster
Sad day for man kind

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Monica Foster Escorts Review to be posted on The Erotic Review

I first saw Monica Foster on a Web Cam Site. Just Curious and decided to check her out because her pics seemed Ok at first. After chatting on Web cam went into a private chat as she spoke in code and jargon typical acronyms used on review Boards and escorting ads on Humaniplex.com and BackPage.com Las Vegas her face slightly blurred out.

So we met at a Motel Near Las Vegas, standard two point system set up with tons of questions designed to screen. She text me her Room Number and I went up to see her.

The Room Smelled like someone or her drank a ton of alcohol for a week and as a mater of fact Monica Foster does seems to drink allot. “honestly its for the better she was kinda drunk” her eyes was popping out of her forehead.

Anyway she asked for the Donations $250 for 1 hour of her time “honestly I felt like she means a actual donation like church donations or something” She told me she saw several nasty drunken old men earlier that day and she wanted to make rent which was late already “this was two weeks ago”.

Her Hair smelled like sweat as I reached over to kiss her. Which I didnt do that one but ehhh I was horney.
She looks far worse in person than her earlier pics on


She was wearing blue Lingerie which definately has seen some milage that day, she had Cum stains on the bed and sheets, so I just put on a cover “condom” and believe me, she would have opted for Bareback “condomless” if I had push a little
Anyway Bent her over an old wooden dresser with a mirror in front and fucked her doggie with one knee on the dresser the other on the floor.

I busted quick because I just had to close my eyes and think about my girl friend a work and thought of the times I did the same thing to her just my Gf if hot and sober.
After I “poped” with her screaming her dam head off, I saw the Mirror get all foggy, this woman was like a fire breathing dragon with the breath stench of a wild beast.
So as I pulled out there was like cottage cheese all over the condom. I left with great haste

I would Not repeat this one again Ever. Done with the ebony thing. First and last sorry
BTW…I could swear there was a heavy set bald Black Male in the closet breathing heavy. I should have know when I saw an Old Chevy Impala parked next to a whit motor scooter out front

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